Saturday, June 23, 2007


is a really nice place, we stopped in a town called Burlington. it's a town on the side of lake Champlain. i'm not sure if there is a posh american accent, but if there is it sounds like the way people here speak. we drove in to town, parked up and had a wander around for a few hours. i found a shop selling sweet shirts, yesssssss. we then walked down to the waterfront and had a slush puppy. that night we stayed at a Motel on the edge of town. the place was overun with kids on a football tournament which meant it was impossible to get in the pool (i really am turning into a grumpy old man).lucky for them they were quiet at night and i didn't have to go unleash the fury on anyone. that's about it for Burlington and Vermont in general, we were only really there for a day. it's a nice place but a little high strung (oh and some girl yelled at me for nearly running her over at a crossing).

next stop was the Canadian Border and on to Montreal

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