Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So. we picked the car up from Boston. it's just about the girliest looking car i've ever seen... cream, big shiny wheels with blacked out rear windows. i think the picture speaks for itself. i'm doing my best to make it look tougher, but it wasn't easy.

we got underway and finally made it out of Boston, the first stop on our trip north was Ipswich, Massachusetts! here we checked out some tapestries from home which show the development of Ipswich, Suffolk through the ages and spoke to a very nice lady who has been to Ipswich a bunch of times.
here i am with my eyes shut for some reason on a bridge in Ipswich. we then hit the road again heading for Portland, upon arriving and not really seeing anywhere we wanted to stay we turned to the sat nav system in the car, asked it for hotels by the sea and was directed to the Inn by the Sea in a town called Cape Elizabeth, the best thing you can do is check out the Inn website here
the place is amazing, really picturesque and calm, after sleeping in cities for the past 7 nights it was nice to lay down at night and hear... absolutely nothing.
we went to the local grocery store, bought some pasta and sauce and settled in for a quiet, relaxing evening.

the following day we woke up, got ready and took a walk down to the beach. it was pretty windy and had been raining when we first woke up. still it was a nice walk and it made a nice change to be out of the city.

we then got back in the car and drove around the coast for a while. there are quite a few old lookout points/gun mounts on the coast, it's a little bit like Bawdsey, but with lobster shacks dotted around the place. we went to one of these shacks for lunch (no clam chowder mind) then headed back to the hotel to relax a little and look out for chipmunks on our porch.

that's pretty much it for our time in Maine, tomorrow we're off to a town called Littleton in New Hampshire, it's right next to a place called the White Mountain Forest so it should be cool. for now i'll leave you with some more pictures from our time at Crescent Beach.

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