Monday, June 25, 2007


we spent a few days in and around Toronto, the first coulpe of nights we stayed at a hotel on the outskirts of the city. the hotel was a 15 minute drive from the Toronto zoo which is one of the largest in the world. that was our first stop. it was really hot and sunny and we had a really good day. Kathryn was happy as she finally got to see a moose. they're strange looking things, like large deer with really long faces, still i can hardly be suprised that she's attracted to odd looking things....
kathryn was also more exited to see chipmunks running around than she was with most of the caged killer creatures. That night we saw Fantastic 4, rise of the silver surfer. it was shocking but we didn't really expect anything else. and yes, i am wearing girls sunglasses in the picture below.

the next couple of days we spent walking around downtown Toronto. we went to the waterfront and met Ronnie, a sparrow that was very interested in Kathryn's pancakes and actually ate from my hand. we're pretty sure he's been following us around the country ever since. Toronto is a very nice, friendly city, to be honest they're all starting to blend into one now. each city has the same chain store shops, monuments dedicated to it's famous sons/daughters, extravagant church's and cathedrals and we also seem to keep running into gay pride festivals which has been, eye opening..... Toronto does have hotdog vans that sell a hotdog and fries for $2.99 which can't be bad.

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