Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Hampshire

we left Crescent Beach and headed off towards Littleton, NH. our route took us through the White Mountain Forest and some of the most beautiful scenery i have seen in my life. this is where i want to grow into an old toothless redneck. the licence plates here bare the motto "live free or die", which pretty much sums this place up perfectly. driving through you're surrounded by miles and miles of forests and mountains. it really is hard to sum up how amazing this place is in any words that i'm able to conjure. the place is also absolutely crammed with bikers, on every road, in every layby.

we stayed for two nights at the Maple Leaf Hotel. the hotel was straight out of a road movie, you pulled up right outside your room, there was a pool in the front and suprise suprise, we were sharing it with a bunch of bikers. they seemed friendly enough, even the owners of the hotel/motel were riders.

The first night we hung around by the pool for a while and then went to a local supermarket and bought some rice, chicken and sauce and cooked it all up in the 70's style kitchen in the room.

the next day we decided it was time to do some laundry. i had been wearing the same pair of shorts for a week and a half..... we had some fun trying to get quarters out of the change machince and then nearly srunk my t shirts by drying them on high for about 3 hours. after that we had some lunch then went for a swim. it was so hot the pool seemed like the best place to be. we have been really lucky with the weather so far, only a little bit of rain while on the train to Boston. later on in the afternoon we walked into the town, which again looked like a scene from doc hollywood. that night we decided to eat on the cheap and went to the supermarket again for some microwave meals. i had a HUNGRYMAN MEAL. it was good.

that night the bikers decied to have aparty in the room next to ours untill about 3 in the morning, which was nice. if they didn't have such cool beards i would've been forced to unleash a chuck norris roundhouse to the head on all of them. their bikes were lined up in a way that made it very tempting to destroy them all domino style, but we're driving the only cream SUV i've seen the whole time we've been here which would have made it a little too easy to track us down....

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