Saturday, June 9, 2007


day one - 5/6/07

day one started one day early, day zero. we decided to stay at a guest house near gatwick to avoid getting up at 3 am.

woke up (after about 3 hours sleep), got dropped off at Gatwick by the lovely guest house lady, sat around for a while then got on the plane and sat around for several more hours.

Got to Newark, through immigration in record time then got offered a taxi by an extra from the Sopranos. took said taxi which took forrrrrever to get to the hotel, went up to the room and suprise suprise it was really nice! Went to a nice little itaian restaurant on the upper east side (where our hotel was) for dinner then got back and went to bed before the sun went down.

day two 6/6/07

got up real early, walked straight down
towards times square, got on an open top bus and took a ride around downtown manhatten. got off at battery park and had a look at the statue of liberty and had a lovely ice cream vendor take the michael out of my accent. next stop was pier 17, pizza and chinese. we then went back up to the park and layed around for a while.

had another lazy evening, still getting used to getting up at 1 in the afternoon and going to bed at 4am.

this layout is a bit random, sorry.................

day three 7/6/07
today we went to the American Natural History Museum,
it was pretty gnarly, saw loads and loads of little displays
about the african, asian and indian "people's".
lots of pots and pans and spears and headgears,
Karl Pilkington would've hated it.

went to the planitarium there which was pretty cool, they have one of those shows where you sit in chairs looking at the ceiling while they show you out takes from star wars and the like.

then came the dinosaurs, always the best part of any museum in my opinion.

in the evening we went to see Avenue Q, which was nice. no pictures though, they don't look to favourably on snap happy tourists.

day four 8/6/07

today we wandered around the city some more and in the evening went to see the New York Yankees beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-4.

day five 9/6/07

time to leave New York. Got up and jumped on a train at Penn Station, heading to Boston, which is where i am writing this, and it's been raining..............
but hey, WE'RE IN FREAKING BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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